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Melasma Prevention and Treatment
Melasma represents increased pigmentation of the facial regions that particularly affects women. It is one of the most common reasons that women seek the advice of dermatologists. Although it is one of the most frustrating conditions to treat as the “veil” of increased pigmentation descends over the face, there is a lot of good news in the fight against this rampant affliction, raising hopes that truly effective remedies are just around the corner.
Pregnancy and skin discoloration ...
If you are pregnant, you may be noticing some changes to your skin. Most women will experience pigmentary changes on various parts of the body, including the face. Some women find that patches called melasma (also referred to as -the mask of pregnancy-) may form, particularly on the face.
Recommended Articles on Photo Damage and Sun Protection
Sunshine, although essential for health and well being, is certainly a hazard for the skin. For many people it feels good to spend time outdoors and this makes it difficult to avoid excessive exposure to the sun. Most of the sun exposure we accumulate throughout our lives, is thought to be the effect of multiple short periods of time outside. If the ozone depletion continues this may also increase our lifetime exposure
Treating Melasma
Melasma is a common increase of pigmentation that occurs exclusively in sun-exposed areas, in particular on the face and affects women between the ages of 20 and 40.