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Hand Care
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Hand Care

Caring for Your Hands
You make an effort to look your best, attending to your hair and complexion, and protecting your face from sun damage. But your hands can betray years of sun damage and aging, and sometimes their appearance can make you look older and more decrepit than you are - and, in some cases, be a real distraction.
Dry hands begone!
If your hands are dry, you may want to try the following pre-bedtime ritual. Soak your hands in warm water, dry them partially, apply a thick moisturizer and pull on a pair of light cotton gloves.
Effective antidandruff care ...
Getting your dandruff under control is relatively simple. Use an antidandruff shampoo that contains coal tar, salicylic acid, pyrithione zinc, sulfur or selenium sulfide. Each of these ingredients has a unique way to reduce the flaking.
Skin Care for Your Hands
Because of sun and weather exposure, years of minor scrapes and cuts, and for some, constant exposure to water and detergents, our hands sometimes age faster than other parts of our bodies, and detract from our appearance. Fortunately, it is now possible to rejuvenate the hands; restoring their appearance and sometimes also improving the thickness and health of the skin on the backs of the hands...
Take care of your hands!
We often spend a lot of time (and money) trying to make our faces look their best, but our hands need attention too. Your hands will clearly reflect the care that you have given them.
The Importance of Hand Washing
Do you know that approximately one out of three people do not wash their hands after using the restroom? (US Center for Disease Control, 2005) And, do you know that spreading germs is as easy as touching a door knob, shopping cart or an elevator button that has been infected by someone who hasn't washed their hands?
What you can do to manage hand eczema
Hand eczema is a common skin disorder that tends to become chronic, worsens during colder weather and can often times interfere with daily activities.