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Tanning Beds
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Tanning Beds

The dangers of early sunbed use
The preoccupation of teens to acquire an image or look often leads to a tendency to ignore the warnings of intensified UV radiation damage to the skin from sunbeds.
The deadly risk associated with indoor tanning
A new study published in the December 1, 2008 issue of CANCER (a journal of the American Cancer Society) cites that more than 1.3 million skin cancer diagnoses occurs each year in the U.S.
The truth about sunbeds ...
For those of you using indoor tanning beds, beware that artificial sunlight can be as damaging to your skin and eyes as the real thing. In fact, artificial UV rays from tanning beds and sunlamps can be as much as 20 times stronger than natural sunlight.
Theres no basis to a base tan!
Although some people believe that spending some time at the tanning salon before a beach holiday can protect them from getting sunburned, in reality, all tans represent skin damage. A healthier alternative is to try moisturizing products that provide sunless tans.