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Nip folliculitis in the bud!
Folliculitis is an infection of the hair follicles that often appears on areas that have been irritated by shaving or tight-fitting clothes. Other causes include excessive sweating or adhesive materials that obstruct the hair follicles, acne and dermatitis, injury to the skin and exposure to agents such as coal tar.
Shaving the Legs
Shaving is like brushing your teeth. It is generally a hassle, but it needs to be done, and the results are always satisfying. That is, unless you have a fight with your shaver every day. Here are some facts and tips to ensure your daily shave goes smoothly.
Treating Bacterial Infections
Our skin is host to a number of bacteria, most of which are beneficial. Including the friendly flora in our gut, more than 200 species of bacteria reside within the tissues exposed to the external environment.