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Are You a Hair Care Expert? (Hair Care)
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Are You a Hair Care Expert?

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Chances are good that you spend some amount of time everyday caring for your hair. Some spend close to an hour everyday in hair maintenance. Do you think you are an expert on hair care? Find out.

Does hair fall out in balding men?

Balding does not accelerate the rate at which hair falls out. Rather, hair grows back thinner and smaller in balding people.

Hair Coloring: How does it work?

Chemicals contained in permanent hair dyes react with the hydrogen peroxide in the hair. These products can last from 4 to 6 weeks. These chemicals can be a source of allergen for some, so testing a small amount of product on the hair is always a good idea before using a product.

Why are blow dryers bad for your hair?

The heat from a blow dryer can dry out your hair, and cause it damage. Keeping your blow dryer too close to your hair, or increasing the temperature can cause your hair to break easily. To protect yourself, only use the dryer every other day, put the setting on low or air dry your hair.

What causes gray hair?

Greying of hair is caused by the root of our hairs producing lesser amounts of melanin. This process is gradual and varies widely from individual to individual, but the process can start as early as our thirties, usually ending in our sixties.

Why am I suddenly losing hair?

Common causes of sudden hair loss include infections, weight loss, or stress. This is a common condition called telogen effluvium, and is usually temporary. However, unless the hair loss has a known reason, sudden hair loss may be a symptom of an underlying symptom. Visit your doctor to get a proper diagnosis.

Why is my hair breaking?

Your hair can contain as much as 13% water. As your hair loses its water, it becomes dry and loses its elasticity. Be careful using curling irons and blow dryers, and keep your hair moisturized by using moisturizing shampoos and conditioners.

How do I stop my hair from “flying away?”

Flyaway hair is caused by static electricity, and if the hair is dry, it causes it to point outwards, often ruining your hair style. Products that help the hair retain moisture will often prevent flyaway hair.

Crash Dieting After the Holidays?

Crash diets can cause sudden and significant hair loss. They are also ineffective in the long term, and unhealthy. Gradual reduction of caloric intake and increase in exercise is the only sensible way to reduce weight.

Why is my hairline always forming pimples?

The scalp and hairline are vulnerable to breakouts as it is one of the oiliest parts of your skin. Keep hair products away from your scalp as they may aggravate its condition. When wearing hats or caps, make sure that they aren’t so tight that they trap the dirt and sweat.


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