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Tips to Maintain Healthy Hair (Hair Care)
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Tips to Maintain Healthy Hair

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For some, hair maintenance can be a gruelling daily chore. If you are concerned about your hair, here are some helpful tips that will make it easier on you to keep your hair looking healthy. For more skincare tips, visit

Tip 1: Take it easy on the blow dryer

The heat from your blow dryer can cause damage to your hair. Using your blow dryer every day at high temperatures is a recipe for drying and hair breakage. For healthy hair, reduce the use of the blow dryer, and when you do use it, air dry, or use a low setting, and remember to take care of your hair using supplementary products that help your hair health.

Tip 2: Moisturize your hair to prevent fly away hair

Dry climates and low humidity are recipes for dry hair, and the dreaded flyaway or static hair. When static electricity builds up in dry hair, it causes it to point outward, often ruining your style. Keep your hair moisturized is the best defence here. Use hair conditioners to keep the moisture locked in, and avoid the use of blow dryers and hair products that contain alcohol.

Tip 3: Control hairline pimples

Hairline pimples can be annoying if you have acne prone skin. Your scalp can attract pimples if hats are worn tightly, trapping dirt and sweat between your hat and skin. Hair products should also be wiped off the scalp as they can aggravate pimples.

Tip 4: Keep the water in your hair

Up to 13% of your hair is made of water. When your hair becomes dry, it loses its elasticity, causing it to break easier. Use moisturizing shampoos, conditioners, and treatments, and avoid the use of curling irons and blow dryers which draw out moisture from your hair.

Tip 5: Treat your dandruff well

Dandruff is associated with increase in Pityrosporum yeasts, oily skin, stress, certain drugs, heavy drinking, and stress. Treat dandruff with medicated shampoos such as Head & Shoulders® designed to treat dandruff hair. Remember to keep the shampoo in your scalp without washing for at least 5 minutes to enjoy the full effects of the shampoo. These shampoos can be used daily, even though for most cases twice or three times a week should suffice.

Tip 6: Eat well for beautiful hair

We all know that crash diets don’t work well over the long run, and are unhealthy. Crash diets can also cause sudden and significant hair loss. Gradual reduction of caloric intake and increase in exercise is the only sensible way to reduce weight.

Tip 7: Don’t fret about gray hair

Hair becomes gray gradually as we age, starting at around the age of 30, although this varies largely on the individual. This occurs as the root of the hair produces less melanin, which is responsible for color.

Tip 8: Your hair is an indicator of general health

Your hair will often serve as an indicator of your general health. Sudden hair loss, for example, is often a symptom of an underlying illness. If you notice major changes in your hair, visit a doctor.

Tip 9: Keep your hair cool

Heating your hair can actually boil the water in the hair shaft, causing it to break. To prevent this from happening, don’t use heating tongs on wet or damp hair, and keep hair dryers at least 12 inches away from your hair.

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