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Nail Care Basics (General Skin Care)
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Nail Care Basics

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You squat to pick up a pen from the carpet, and your nail catches a piece of the carpet. Hangnails are a bit of a misnomer as they are actually dried out dead skin that is not a part of the nail. They are unsightly bits of skin that attaches to the side of the nails, but through proper care, hangnails can be treated quite easily. Even better, through proper nail care, they can largely be prevented altogether, which is the best solution. For more general hand and nail care tips, visit

Regular and proper care for your nails should be an easy task. There aren’t any special procedures or expensive products that are necessary to keep them in good shape. Keeping them clean, clipping them regularly, and using a hand lotion to keep them moisturized should be all that is required to keep your nails healthy. Keeping your nails moisturized will often prevent hangnails from appearing. They are often the result of dehydrated skin.

Avoid bad habits! If you have a habit of biting your nails, here’s a tip that will help you stop this harmful habit. Moisturize your nails on a regular basis. It will help to hydrate your skin, and as an added bonus, the taste that is left on your nails should discourage you from biting nails. Poking at the space between your nail and the nail bed is also a bad idea. This area can be enlarged quite easily, and become more susceptible to various infections. Regular trimming and washing of the hands is all that is required to care for your nails.

Finally, if a hangnail has formed, it can be annoying, often catching the carpet or hindering you in other ways. Later, it can become painful too. To remove hangnails safely, soak your hand in water for several minutes, which will soften the skin considerably. Once the skin is softened, clip the hangnail off. Clipping it dry is not recommended, and may actually make the condition worse.


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