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Nail Fungus Causes and Treatments (Fungal Infections)
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Nail Fungus Causes and Treatments

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Identifying Nail Fungus:

  • Nail discoloration
  • Changes in nail texture and growth
  • Irregular growth of nails
  • Nails that become crumbly or break easily
  • Can be painful, if left untreated

Who is at risk?

  • Fungal infections are caused by fungus that prefers moist warm areas
  • Anyone can get an infection
  • Untreated athlete’s foot can cause fungal infections
  • Weakened immune systems can make you more susceptible to fungal infections
  • Prolonged corticosteroid use can increase the chance of fungal infections
  • Those with circulatory problems are at risk
  • Diabetes patients are at high risk
  • Nail fungus often recurs, and previously infected people are at high risk

Preventing nail fungus:

  • Do your best to ensure that your feet are dry and well ventilated
  • A healthy diet heavy in protein will ensure proper nail growth
  • Keep the nails cut straight across
  • Avoid nail polishes or acrylics
  • Check with your manicurist that equipments are regularly sterilized

Treatment options once you have nail fungus:

  • Oral and topical anti-fungal treatments are available
  • Once healed, consider discarding footwear used when infected
  • Use anti-fungal products on your footwear
  • Fungal infection is progressive, although slow
  • Seek treatment early if you have a fungal infection
  • Fungal infections tend to recur, so keep watch, and continue treatment
  • Surgical treatment, or nail debridement are available treatment options
  • Keep well informed about fungal infections
  • Read more about fungal infections at

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