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Taking Proper Care of Your Skin This Halloween (First Aid)
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Taking Proper Care of Your Skin This Halloween

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Halloween can be an exciting time for all of us. For children it means trick or treating, and for many adults, it`s often the one day of the year where the crazy costumes come out of the closet. It`s an exciting day for everyone, but it is also a time where your skin can be irritated if you aren`t careful. Follow these tips to ensure that your Halloween is both fun and skin-friendly.

Careful of cuts:

Carving the pumpkin is a Halloween ritual for almost anyone with kids. It`s easy to get carried away with the festivities, but make sure that you are very careful with the blade so that your Halloween doesn`t end at the hospital. If you do cut yourself, don`t neglect your wounds. Visit for more information about proper treatment of cuts and scrapes.


Do you use glue to keep the costume beard in place? This is not a good idea, even with the special glues that are sold in the market for this purpose. Glue is a very common irritant to the skin, and can cause blemishes or rashes. Finally, glue should never come close to the eye area.


Both men and women wear make-up for Halloween. Keep in mind, however, that make-up can often cause skin irritations or allergic reactions. Make sure that you try the product before Halloween so that your skin doesn`t react negatively to it. Use only products that are intended for your face, and be careful when using products around your eyes. You definitely don`t want any cosmetics in your eyes.


Latex is common in masks. If you have latex allergies or sensitive skin, your facial skin can react to the latex rubber. Experiment with other options such as hypo-allergenic facial make-up. Read more about allergies at

Spreading Germs:

Remember that any cosmetic product has a lifespan, and can be contaminated, possibly resulting in an infection, especially around the eye area. Follow these precautions to reduce of your chances of becoming infected:

  • Do not share make-up or try make-up samples at the store, as germs are commonly spread in this way. Use a disposable applicator if you are testing shades.
  • Ensure that you wash your hands thoroughly when applying make-up for yourself or your children.
  • Remember to throw out old cosmetics. Bacteria can breed on old cosmetics, and infect your eyes.

Sharing shoes:

Fungal infections such as athlete`s foot or nail fungus can spread by wearing other people`s shoes. Fungus can remain living in shoes that have not been properly cleaned using proper anti-fungal products. Visit for more details.


Halloween is a time when firecrackers come out. Other flammables include candles, and lit pumpkins. Flammable costumes, long sleeves, and fire sources should be avoided, especially for children. Make sure to educate your children on the dangers of firecrackers.


Make sure that you wash out all that make-up before retiring for the night. Waking up in the morning with your Halloween face is definitely not a good idea. Breakouts and allergic reactions are common if you are exposed to irritants for an extended time, especially if you have sensitive skin.

Common sense will go a long ways in keeping you and your children safe for Halloween.


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