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Sunscreen Facts (Sun Damage)
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Sunscreen Facts


There seems to be a lot of misinformation regarding the effects of exposure to the sun, and the role of sunscreen. Many people use sunscreens to prevent sunburn while others use it to improve their suntan, or to prolong their time in the sun. Some people believe that sunscreen prevents all types of cancer, while some believe that the use of sunscreen prevents wrinkling of the skin.

Sun avoidance and the use of regular sunscreens are widely promoted these days by individuals and organizations interested in cancer prevention, and this message is widely heard by the public. Yet, a majority of people who participated in a beach survey were at the beach to get or maintain a tan. Of those people who stayed on the beach for an average of 4 hours, only half were using a sunscreen. Similarly, a survey of skiers in Alberta showed that only two thirds of skiers were using sunscreen, and of those using sunscreen, a third were sunburned at the time of survey.

It is vital to have proper facts about sunscreen

  • Prevents sun burns
  • Prevents photodamaged skin (aged look - brown spots, wrinkles)
  • Prevents actinic keratosis and perhaps squamous cell cancers
  • May prevent other skin cancers


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