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Treating Excessive Sweating (Cosmetic Treatments)
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Treating Excessive Sweating

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The human body is covered with 2 to 4 million sweat glands, which allow us to control our body temperature. For many people, excessive sweating can be a problem. This is a condition called hyperhidrosis, and affects about 1 in 20 people worldwide. The condition can be generalized or focal, and commonly affected areas include the underarms, the palms of the hands, and the soles of the feet. It can be inherited, and often begins during adolescence. This condition is not dangerous, but can have an impact on a person’s social or emotional lives. Find out more about hyperhidrosis at

If you suspect that you have hyperhidrosis, know that there are treatments that can help your condition. The first step before starting treatment is to eliminate the possibility that the excessive sweating is not a symptom of a more serious condition. This is called secondary hyperhidrosis. Overactive thyroids, metabolic disorders, obesity, nerve damage, or menopause can all cause excessive sweating, as well as certain medications. For secondary hyperhidrosis, you will need to see your doctor to treat its cause first.

Once you’ve determined that the excessive sweating is not a symptom of another condition, there are a variety of treatment options. Here are some brief introductions to some of the more common treatments:


These are the most common line of defence, but may not be effective for those with severe hyperhidrosis.

Systemic Drugs:

Oral medication can be used to control sweating to a certain extent, but may have unpleasant side-effects.


Botox is injected under the skin, and causes a decrease in localized sweating by inhibiting nerves that trigger sweating. They are temporary and will require re-treatment for continued effectiveness. For more information, visit


Surgery is generally done when other methods of controlling sweating have failed. Treatment options include the severing of nerves linked to the sweat glands, and the blocking of sweat glands with galvanic electric currents.

Excessive sweating is a condition that can be treated effectively. If excess sweating is impacting your day to day life negatively, talk to your doctor about treatment options.

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