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Important Laser Hair Removal Facts (Cosmetic Treatments)
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Important Laser Hair Removal Facts

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Demand for the removal of unwanted hair is on the increase for both men and women. Hair removal laser technology has progressed in the last ten years to the point where it is considered a safe and reliable option for the treatment for black and brown hairs. It is, however, important to understand the facts, including limitations of laser hair removal.

Q: How does laser hair removal work?

A: Lasers target the hair shaft, which absorb the light and become heated, killing the hair follicles. For this reason, waxing, sugaring, or plucking can interfere with the process as the lasers will lose their target.

Q: Will I require multiple treatments?

A: Most people will require between 4 and 8 treatment session for long-term results. This is because many hair follicles are not in their growth cycles, being absent during the time of a laser treatment, growing later. Many follicles may be injured, but partially recover, requiring further treatment.

Q: Will the laser treatment always work?

A: There are some limitations with existing laser technology. White, blond, or red hair are often resistant to treatment. Thickness and color of the skin, as well as the color of the hair can all affect the effectiveness of the laser treatment.

Q: Are there different kinds of lasers?

A: Different lasers are used to treat people with different skin and hair color. Nd-YAG lasers can be used safely on a variety of skin types, including Asian, Mediterranean, and Black skin.


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