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Preventing and Treating Lines and Wrinkles (Cosmetic Treatments)
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Preventing and Treating Lines and Wrinkles

Richard Thomas, MD, FRCPC

What are lines and wrinkles, and how do they form?

As a part of the aging process, our facial skin begins to droop, forming lines, furrows, and wrinkles. Simple physics in the form of muscle usage and gravity play a large role in natural aging, creating folds in the skin over time. Common muscle movements or patterns such as sleeping on one side consistently over the years can have an effect. Additionally, overexposure to the sun, or smoking can accelerate this process due to skin damage.

What steps can I take to prevent these lines from forming?

You should be aware of most of these steps already. General health advice, such as regular exercise, a balanced diet including fruits and vegetables, and proper hydration are all important in the maintenance of healthy skin. On a similar note, exposure to sunlight, and smoking all contribute to skin damage. Use warm water to wash, and for elderly people, the use of moisturizers can help in maintaining a healthy look.

What can I do to treat existing wrinkles?

There are a multitude of options that are available for treating wrinkles. Microdermabrasion, or injectable fillers can treat mild wrinkles. Topical creams and solutions can also help by inducing production of collagen. There are also a variety of laser treatment options which can improve skin health upon recovery of the damaged cells. Finally, plastic or facial cosmetic surgery are also an option. Contact your dermatologist to find out more information about these options, and work on what works for you. For more skincare information, visit


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