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General Skin Care Tips (Aging Skin)
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General Skin Care Tips

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Counting your wrinkles? We tend to focus on our face when it comes to looking for signs of aging, but there are other areas that you may be neglecting. Here are some general tips for general skin care that may help you feel younger and fresher. For more tips, visit


We all know the harmful effects of smoking on the lungs, as it’s been drummed into our ears since childhood. Your skin is no exception. Smoking breaks down the fibres of the skin, causing wrinkling around the mouth. It also causes your hair to become gray faster. If you’ve had difficulty quitting in the past, see your doctor for help.


Many of us are in the habit of moisturizing our face. It isn’t just our faces that are exposed to the sun and dry air though. The hands, neck, and shoulders are also exposed, and need as much protection as your face. Moisturizing and exfoliating these areas can make your skin feel better.


Not only is exercise good for your heart, but it’s good for you skin too. Regular exercise promotes collagen production and capillary functioning, reducing symptoms of premature aging. By keeping your body fit, and reducing the amount of excess fat in your body, you reduce cellulite too.


Change your skin care routine. During and following menopause, your body undergoes some radical changes. Estrogen levels drop, causing the skin to dry, and become less elastic. Wrinkles will begin to appear, and the skin will become looser due to the reduction of collagen. Talk to your dermatologist for advice.

Blood Vessels:

Broken blood vessels, also known as telangiectasias, are small linear blood vessels that appear on the surface of skin. These are commonly found on the face and cheeks, around the nostrils, and can be unsightly. Broken blood vessels are more common for people with sun damaged skin or people with rosacea. Pulsed green lasers, and pulsed-dye lasers can be used to treat these. Visit for more information on these treatments.


Your hands are often the most used and most neglected part of your body. Damage from exposure to the sun, water, and other contaminants or irritants can wear down your hands, and show signs of aging. Simply exfoliating them from time to time can reduce the appearance of dry lines.
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