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Treating Wrinkles (Aging Skin)
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Treating Wrinkles

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Two Types of Wrinkles:

There are two types of wrinkles. The first is caused by movements of the skin, and the second are produced in skin that is static. Remember that moisturizers can only reduce the appearance of lines in the skin that are accentuated by dehydration. They will not eliminate wrinkles.

Removing Pillow Creases:

Pillow creases are lines that appear like wrinkles when you wake up. They are the result of sleeping on creased pillows as the name suggests, or constant pulling on the skin. Although pillow creases are temporary, and will disappear within a few hours, it can be irritating to have these creases when going to work. Sleeping on your back will prevent this altogether, as well as using a firmer pillow. However, if you do get a pillow crease, you can remove them by washing your face in warm water, moisturizing your face, and then massaging your facial skin outwards for a few minutes.

Crow’s feet:

Reduce the chance of developing wrinkles around the eyes by applying sunscreen and wearing protective eyewear. Remember that protection and prevention is the best treatment when it comes to skincare.


Regular use of sunscreens are an important part of proper skincare. As an example, a recent study observed groups of women who applied sunscreen daily, and those who applied sunscreen three of four days. There were visible differences in the skin under a microscope. Minor changes accumulate over time, and later translate into sun damage.


AHAs are carboxylic acids, which can exfoliate and moisturize the skin. For those with melasma, it can also reduce the darkening of the skin. They can also thicken the skin by increasing ground substance in the skin. You can find out more about products like Reversa™ or other chemical peels at

Vitamin C:

Vitamin C is a natural antioxidant that is contained in citrus fruits and dark vegetables. It can have a variety of benefits, including reducing skin pigmentation for people with melasma, anti-acne effects, and mitigating the appearance of sun damage on the skin.

Other Vitamins:

Vitamins A and E can also have beneficial effects on the skin. Retinoids in particular, which are vitamin A derivatives, deserve special attention in skin care these days. Look for products that include the following in their ingredients: Alpha lipoic acid, idebenone, niacinamide, and ubiquinone.

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