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Everyday Skin Care Tips (Aging Skin)
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Everyday Skin Care Tips

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Skincare is an often talked about topic nowadays. As a society we are more aware of concepts like skin damage, overexposure, and premature aging. Here are some helpful facts and hints that will help keep your skin looking younger. For more general help, visit

Prevention over Treatment:

While recent advances in skin treatment is remarkable, nothing beats prevention. Daily skincare and proper protection is the single most important factor in slowing the aging process. Application of sunscreen prevents actinic keratosis, some skin cancers, sunburns, brown spots, and wrinkles. Remember to protect yourself on a daily basis by using a moisturizer that contains sunscreens. Learn more at

Take care of your hands:

Your hands are often the first to show the signs of aging as it is the most used and exposed part of the body. Properly protecting them by using gloves, or when handling water or in the garden can make a difference. The use of moisturizers, sunscreens, and other products such as exfoliations can help keeping your hands looking young and healthy.

Stop Wrinkles:

Genetics play a large role in wrinkle formation. As we age, the loss of skin fat, and the thinning of the skin contribute to the formation of wrinkles. However, accumulated exposure to the sun also plays a large role in accelerating this process.

Beauty sleep:

Your body requires seven to nine hours of sleep per day. During sleep your cells repair, and if they don’t have time to regenerate, the result is a skin that ages prematurely. Sleep also helps moisturize the skin, and keeps the nails healthy. Make sure that you are getting enough sleep every night to maintain a healthy radiant skin.

Watch for the eyes:

The areas surrounding your eyes tend to wrinkle faster than other parts because the skin is more delicate than the other areas of the face, and lacks the extra fatty tissue that other areas have. This is the reason for separate creams for under eye treatment. Keep your head elevated to drain fluid and prevent puffy eyes in the morning.


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