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Skin Care for Your Hands (Aging Skin)
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Skin Care for Your Hands

Kevin C. Smith MD FACP FRCPC

The hands are often the most used and exposed area in our bodies. Sun and weather exposure, constant exposure to water and detergent, cuts, bruises, and scrapes are all common for the hands. For their constant use, we often take our hands for granted, but because of constant use and exposure, our hands often age faster than other parts of our bodies. It is important to keep our hands well protected with sunscreen and gloves when appropriate, to protect them from sun and from general damage. Fortunately, recent advances in dermatology have made it possible to rejuvenate your hands, and reverse some of the damage that has been inflicted on your hands.

Dry hands are a common condition, and if the dryness is severe, the skin may crack. For dry hands, daily moisturizing is important in treating your hands to prevent further drying, chapping, or cracking. If your hands are exposed to water, usually due to one’s occupation requiring constant washing, you may be more prone to a chronic condition called contact dermatitis or hand eczema. The skin can become red, scaly, and cause itching. For more information, read

Here are some rejuvenation tips:

  • Topical treatments: Creams containing vitamin A, C, E, and hydroxyl acids can play a major role in restoring a youthful look.
  • Restisol-A® 0.01% cream: This cream contains tretinoin which reverses sun damage, and also contains a SPF15 sunscreen. Application to exposed areas can slow down the aging process and even reverse existing skin damage to a certain extent.
  • Sunscreens: Sunscreens should always be applied before any sun exposure. Products such as Anthelios-45® Waterproof Sunscreen, which stick to the skin are recommended on the hands, which are active and constantly being used.

As we age, and the damage on our hands accumulates, the skin on our hands can become thinned out, old-looking, and freckled.

These conditions can be treated:

  • Thin skin: The skin on the back of our hands thin as we age. Restylane™ can improve the appearance of our hands by hiding the veins and bones, but also restores fullness of the skin, and mitigates bumps and bruises on the skin surface. Effects can be seen immediately and often last from 6 to 12 months.
  • Brown Spots: Otherwise called freckles, age spots, or liver spots, these can affect the appearance of your hands. Fading creams can be applied to reduce its color. The Medlite C6 laser is also an effective treatment solution, and can show significant improvement in the skin a few weeks following treatment.
  • Thickened skin: Artecoll™ can reduce the thickening of the skin, but has a higher cost, and multiple treatment sessions 2-4 months apart may be required for full effectiveness. The major advantage with this product is that the effects can last for many years.

While the number of effective treatment options to reverse skin aging is welcome, the best solution for skincare is still prevention. Proper skin care on a daily basis, such as moisturizing, and effective protection from the sun and elements, are the most important things to remember in keeping your hands beautiful. For more information on general skin care, or skin care products, visit


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