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Treatment Options for Head Lice (Lice)
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Treatment Options for Head Lice

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Lice are wingless insects about the size of a sesame seed, which live on human hair, and feed off of blood from the skin. They are well adapted for living on hair, with hooks that claw them on to strands of hair. Without a host, they cannot live longer than 24 hours. Contrary to many myths, lice can affect anyone regardless of social class, and lice does not discriminate based on personal hygiene. You can learn more about lice at

Lice spread through direct head to head contact, as well as via the sharing of clothes or combs. They do not live in carpets, sofas, beds, and the like as they cannot survive for more than a day outside the host scalp. They are most common among girls between the age of 3 and 11. It is thought that longer hair, and the frequent exchange of combs are the reasons for this.

Insecticides and lice combs are used to treat lice infestations. Often both are used in conjunction. When using lice combs, many people recommend soaking the combs in rubbing alcohol, water and anti-lice shampoo or a 2% Lysol solution for an hour before use. Metal combs are recommended as they tend to be sturdier and more effective overall.

Health Canada has recently approved a non-pesticidal product called Resultz. It has solid clinical data supporting the product’s effectiveness and overall safety. It is currently undergoing further study in Canada, and undergoing clinical trials in the US. This product should be applied to dry hair for ten minutes, and then rinsed away with warm water. A week following the initial application, a second treatment is recommended.


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