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Basic Acne Facts (Acne)
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Basic Acne Facts

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Acne, while extremely common, affecting the great majority of us at one point in our lives, is often misunderstood and misconceived. Acne is often thought to be a skin problem that is exclusive to teenage boys. While acne most commonly develops during preteen and early teen years, contrary to stereotype, it can also affect young adults, both men and women, and these conditions can persist for years.

Another common myth is that chocolate consumption or sexual activity causes acne. While certain foods may trigger reactions from some people, there is no evidence that suggests that any particular food causes acne. For more information about acne myths, read, Acne Myths: Chocolate and Sex Causes Acne!.

Such associations based on myth can frustrate women, or those that suffer from acne at a later age, however, there are plenty of effective treatments available for acne.

First, it is important to take a proactive approach in treating acne. Proper skin care on a daily basis, consulting a doctor, and adhering to the treatment plan prescribed by your doctor are critical in eliminating pimples, preventing acne scars, and eliminating acne. For more information, read Acne Treatment: Pinpoint the Trigger.

While pimples are often tempting to squeeze, this can lead to further complication such as scarring, hyperpigmentation, and persistent redness. Scars can develop from small or large pimples. For more information, read The Big Squeeze on Acne: A Discussion About Acne Scars.

Thankfully, there are a variety of treatments available for acne treatment. They can range from over the counter products such as Accutane® or Panoxyl®. Another effective line of treatment for acne is hormonal treatment, including oral contraceptives. These have been recognized by dermatologists as effective treatment options for women who suffer from acne. For more information on hormonal treatments, read Hormonal Treatment of Acne: How They Work. provides detailed and comprehensive information about all matters acne related.


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